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Founded in 1959, Ken-Zen offers traditional instruction in Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo.

Ken-Zen Dojo • NYC
54 Thomas Street, New York NY
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We look forward to practicing with you.”
— Daniel T. Ebihara


Kendo is Japanese fencing derived from the ancient art of Samurai swordsmanship. Using a simulated sword made of bamboo slats, and wearing protectors, the kendoka competes against an opponent according to established scoring points and regulations. It is excellent training for mental as well as physical discipline.

The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (the sword). The purpose of practising Kendo is: To mold the mind and body. To cultivate a vigorous spirit, and through correct and rigid training, to strive for improvement in the art of Kendo; to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor, to associate with others with sincerity, and to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself. Thus will one be able to love their country and society, to contribute to the development of culture, and to promote peace and prosperity among all people.


Iaido is the practice of sword techniques which embody a series of cutting and thrusting movements in the drawing and resheathing of the blade. These movements are performed against an imaginary opponent, and requires great concentration.

“The essence of swordsmanship” lies in its perfection. It does not mean to cut the enemy, but rather to cut the enemy within oneself. Iaido and Kendo are sister arts. They are practices in the same spirit and, like the two wheels of a cart, they form together the art of Japanese swordsmanship.


Jodo is the practice of short staff techniques to counter the sword.

Ken to wa

— 島田虎之助

Ken to wa kokoro nari.
Koroko tadashi kereba sono ken tadashi.
Kokoro tadashi karazareba sono ken mo mata tadashi karazu.
Ken wo manaban to suru mono wa subekaraku sono kokoro wo manabe.

The sword is the mind.
When the mind is right, the sword it right.
When the mind is not right, the sword is also not right.
If you wish to study the sword, first study the mind.
— Shimada Toranosuke

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